A note from the author

I feel I ought to warn you. This is not a practical housekeeping manual. There may be the odd tip or useful gem, but the main aim of this book is not to teach you how to clean your home. My intention is to help you cope with the unique psychological challenge of being a modern female with a home to keep. This book is less ‘how to’ and more ‘why bother’. These are strategies to keep you...
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The Blurb

Housework Blues – A Survival Guide How to cope with the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home. Packed with how-to-cope ideas and motivation tips for anyone feeling bored, angry, frustrated or overwhelmed with too much housework. Available in paperback and eBook download. “…should be a must read on everybody’s list.” Tracey Frazier, Housework Haters Club If you lack...
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“I think this book might just have changed my life. I always had a messy home, and always felt a bit of a failure as a housewife. I used to have marathon cleans before visitors came and dreaded unexpected knocks at the door. Then I bought this book and everything changed. This book lined up all my excuses for not doing housework and shot them down one by one. The attitude change I have...
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