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About the author – Danielle Raine

Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m the author of Housework Blues.

I wrote my housework books almost ten years ago, when I was struggling with domestic overload.

Happily, I have found much calmer karma on the homefront in recent years, and these days I blog mostly about how to live creatively and well.

My experience of writing my first books revealed to me the importance of a creative outlet, for our health and emotional wellbeing.

So now I spend my days working very happily as a writer, designer + creativity coach.

Because I believe that healthy, joyful creative expression is essential for true happiness and success.

But it’s not always an easy path!

So my new blog, books and courses are where I share all I’ve learned about finding more flow, more fulfilment and more joy along the way.

For more about me and my work, click here:

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