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281 page colour pdf ebook

Price : £5

Also by Danielle Raine:

Make Peace with Housework

The Book of the Blog (Vol 1)

A book for anyone who ‘has issues’ with housework.

Make Peace with Housework Book of the Blog

A compilation of the first 20 months of the Make Peace with Housework blog. Containing the entries from March 2009 to December 2010, including the launch of the blog and the story behind its creation. Posts include:

• How to keep your head…. when all around are messing up your house.

• How sweet is your home?

• Housework? But I’m a feminist!

• Top 10 ‘Give Yourself a Break’ Tips

• For the Non-Bedmakers

• Why housework is mental

• Hold that Spring Cleaning!

• Readers Top Tips

• A non-washer-upper’s guide to the washing-up

• Feng shui & housework

• Top Ten Blues Blasters …and many more.

A fun and easy read, yet packed with ideas, tips and games to help you cope with the ‘unique challenge’ of keeping a home.

These are strategies to keep you sane.


“What I love about your blog is finding someone who can express what I have felt so eloquently…and finding out I am not alone.”

“…already making SUCH a difference to how I view housework. Thank you!”

“Thank You for helping us with our homekeeping chores!”

“Feel like it’s written just for me.”

“Love it!”

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