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Praise for Housework Blues

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“Plenty of personality and humour
– definitely more than a book full of cleaning tips.”

Slummy Single Mummy


“Should be required reading.
Not only that, I think perhaps one of its subtitles should be “Life 101”.
I haven’t learned so much helpful, useful information from a book in a long time.”

 Fixing My Thoughts


“What a great find!

I read it over the weekend and it was everything I thought it would be:
fantastic, inspiring and an overall good read.

It’s as though you wrote certain chapters
just for me.”


Occupation Housewife



“No-nonsense, humorous and insightful”

Amazon Review



The only book I know that addresses
the sometimes joyless and unprecedented challenge that is being a modern female
with a home to keep”

Alison Bayne,



“A uniquely valuable insight.

It has already raised my confidence
and morale and housework is no longer
a bugbear.”

Amazon Review


“Since receiving this book, my wife
has been happy and therefore so am I.”

Amazon Review

“A really great book….
feels like your personal cheerleader!

Goodreads Review

“I love this book!

Combining Bob Hope’s philosophy with Eastern spirituality with the pursuit of thinner thighs,

all in the service of getting the housework done with peace and grace – it’s just awe-inspiring…
and soul-satisfying!”

Jill Bailin, New York

“Very motivating!…wonderful and chock full of inspiration and useful info.”

Kris Wise, Manchester USA

“I think this should be a must read on everybody’s list. While it was geared toward making peace with housework, it applies to so many different areas of life – marriage, parenthood, relationships with others, civic duties, professional life or just personal insight… I can’t help but wonder what a different world we could live in if more people would follow the advice found here.”

Tracey Frazier, NW Georgia (Housework Haters Club)

“I do honestly think that if I hadn’t read your book, I might not have understood the tools to help me begin what looked like a neverending task.”

Lowenna Luke, Cornwall UK

“I’m married to a housework-phobic woman who will LOVE your ideas.”

Chris Twiggs, Florida USA

“Housework. The majority of us hate it. Yet, someone needs to do it. Still, why is it that somehow that someone always seems to be us? In these works, the author sets out strategies that we can all use. We may not be able to get rid of housework completely but we can simplify, delegate, and think differently about what we have to do. Perhaps these are the keys to staying sane… This book provides a variety of helpful strategies.”

Tami Brady DD, RM (TCM Reviews)

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